Timber Dog Club

The Only Official Registration Body for The Timber Dog

Timber Dog Rescue

The Timber dog rescue was set up to safeguard any dogs that for whatever 

reason could no longer stay in their family home. As a club we refuse to 

have any Timbers or Founder dogs end up in any general rescue centers, 

our breeders will for the most part take back any dogs they have bred and 

assess them for any health or behavioral issues then re-home them in an 

appropriate home . However on occasion this may not be possible and that's

where the rescue comes in.

When a dog comes into our rescue it is first taken for a full check up at our 

vets, if they find any concerns the dog will be booked in for treatment and 

be neutered at the same time.

The dog will also undergo a full behavioral assessment to ascertain 

what training will be necessary, if required that training will be done to 

ensure that the dog is fit for re-homing. Then a suitable home will be 


The last dog that came into rescue was unable to go back to the breeder as 

they had retired and moved overseas, so we agreed to accept the dog on 

their behalf. When Phoenix arrived we very quickly noticed she had a 

severer ear infection which needed immediate treatment as it was 

affecting  her hearing. The vets had to operate and remove part of her ear, 

poor girl, it was a long and expensive journey. Once she had 

recovered and 

was more herself she was re-homed to a lovely couple and now has a happy 


We raise funds by raffles, promotional clothing  and shows. And 

occasionally people donate to help us. 

Photos of Phoenix below.

Thank you to Burns Natural Food For Pets for Donating food for our rescues and foster homes

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