Timber Dog Club

The Only Official Registration Body for The Timber Dog

Welcome to the Timber Dog UK

The Timber Dog Club UK is the official registration body for Timber Dog breed and are  the founders of the breed, holding the official data base for all registered Timber Dogs UK.

Promote the recognition and understanding of our breeds

Promote Healthy and robust Dogs in our breeding programme

Provide advice, help and offer unity of like minded people through our group and shows.

All breeding dogs are carefully assessed for Health, Temperament and Type before being approved for the breeding part of The Timber Dog Club register. These include BVA Hip and BVA Elbow scoring, Full Embark DNA testing, (DNA) DM testing, OSD3 Testing. Further tests may be introduced should they become relevant to our breed


Breed Overview

In the 1980s five wolfy type dogs of unknown lineage were imported from USA to UK. These were bred to Malamute, Siberian Husky and GSD type crosses. The goals were to create a wolfy appearance with a good family temperament. These were called Wolf Dogs. Records were not kept.

Over the years various groups have formed, each with their own agenda for type and temperament qualities. The Timber Dog has been developed as a family pet, comfortable in and adapting well to most environments.

The Wolf Dogs (Often containing recent wolf) and Wolf look a likes (Little or no wolf) of today may often appear similar, but each group has its own breed, health and temperament traits which will impact on how well they will fit into your life and lifestyle.

The Timber Dog is being developed for a Home Pet temperament with wolfy appearance.They  are often described as "Wolf look alikes" or "Wolf Type". Timber Dogs have very low wolf content and  are in this group.

 New bloodlines have been introduced to improve health, temperament and conformation.

The founder  home of The Timberdog is Julestar Timber Dogs and all UK bred Timbers are descended from these lines.